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HO Scale Kits

40' Milwaukee Road Single Door, Phase 1-Long Rib Steel Boxcars Retail $18.98  

=In Stock

  =Coming Soon * = Future Release

Yes, Rib Side Cars really are on the way -  They'll be worth the wait!

Preproduction artwork shown - Art/Road Numbers may change
Decal Renumber Sets will be available

*3991 Hiawathas 1939/1940 As-built

*3992 Electrified Olympians 1939/1940 As-built    
*3993 Billboard Lettering 1963-1967 Repainted & Renumbered    
*3994 Herald-Only 1968-1974 Repainted & Renumbered    

Kit will include:

  • Separate Roof, Ladders, Roofwalk, Underframe and End Details
  • Accumate® Magnetic Couplers
  • Delrin (Acetal) Trucks and Wheels
  • Steel Weight & Instruction Sheet