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5th Avenue Car Shops


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Railroad Time Book
Time book for modelers to keep a log of train operations. Recorded information includes Date, Engine #, Train #, Time on and off duty, Road, Yard, local and brakeman or conductor. 48 pgs. 31/2 x 61/2"
$5.00 each or
3 for $13.50
Shipping $1.50
5th Avenue Car Shops
PO Box 423
LaGrange, IL 60525

Back In Stock

Hodina Arch Roofs for Walthers 70ft Baggage Car

$30.00 Each Post Paid

Milwaukee Road
Rib Side® Boxcars

Built by Dave Beck

National Car Company Refrigerator Car Lettering Sets

National Car Company Return-To Stencils Back In Stock

C&NW Wood Reefer
Model byGreg Martin
Photo by Matt Kosic
GB&W and DSS&A Wood Boxcars CB&Q and Wabash Boxcars CB&Q, MILW, and IC 3 Bay Hoppers  Rock Island Panel Side Hopper
Model by Mike Smeltzer
BREX Reefer Milwaukee Road 3-Bay Hopper Milwaukee Road 3-Bay Hopper (interior) CB&Q 3-Bay Hopper CB&Q 3-Bay Hopper (interior)
CB&Q XM-30 Boxcar KGB Single Sheath Wood Boxcar LS&I PS-1 40' Boxcar Accurail SL-SF Frisco
Upgraded Stock Car
CTSE 40' Wood Boxcar
Model by Stan Rydarowitz
Photo by Matt Kosic


Steel Reefers: $16.00 Each

Other Accurail kits, excluding steel reefers:
1 Car.......... $14.00
2-6 Cars......$12.00 Each
7-8 Cars......$11.00 Each
9 or More.....$10.00 Each
Rib Side Cars®.....$26.00 Each

Shipping Flat Rate $10.00 per order
International Shipping $20.00 per order
Decal Shipping $1.50 per order

Ordering Information
Please make checks payable and send to:
5th Avenue Car Shops
PO Box 423
LaGrange, IL 60525

  • We reserve the right to ship road number available at time of shipment.
  • Please allow 3-6 weeks for shipment.
  • Illinois Residents: Shipping and handling is subject to IL state sales tax.